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The emphasis of all present and new programmes and projects will be to enhance the role and unlock the contribution of ACH as well as Cultural and Creative Industries to building social cohesion, national unity, producing respectable work and growing the state’s economic climate – simultaneous to sustaining and growing the sector.

 Companion with other purpose-players to complement and Incorporate abilities as well as other resources necessary because of the Cultural and Creative Industries e.g. tertiary Establishments.

This White Paper positions the DAC plus the Cultural and Creative Industries to fulfil this part by making sure as an example, that cultural practices and customs, which Engage in a vital function in shaping our identification like a people, ever more inculcate a sense of belonging; and with it accountability and accountable behaviour. The DAC and its employing organizations and councils will serve as the public custodian from the assorted cultures, languages and heritage with the people of South Africa, and as such will offer public support, nationally, for the event of innovation across the full spectrum of your Cultural and Creative Industries as bearers of a dynamic society.

 make clear the roles and mandates of DAC in relation to its declared cultural institutions and councils; civil society, other non-governmental Cultural and Creative Industries establishments; and each sphere of government;

“The new eyesight of arts and lifestyle goes outside of social cohesion and nourishing the soul of your country. We think that arts, lifestyle and heritage Engage in a pivotal part in the economic empowerment and techniques development of the people.”

expressions and procedures that variety a body of data website and supply for continuity, dynamism, and indicating of social existence to generations of people as individuals, social teams, and communities.

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The DAC and its provincial and native federal government equivalents, working in partnership with all ACH and Cultural and Creative Industries part-gamers, will employ this White Paper en path to 2030, to make certain that ACH in the nation is more seen and it has shifted from its “good to have” to the “must have” position because of the vital benefits that can be obtained to creating a improved daily life for all by building a society and state that positively impacts on and responds for the a number of social and financial needs of people’s lives.

 Establish areas of priority within the location, continent and internationally for cultural diplomacy initiatives;

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The existence and equitable interaction of assorted cultures and the potential of producing shared cultural expressions.

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